HOPE! People are in need of hope. Inspiration is desperately needed by the entire human race. The value of this book is undeterminable. This book will bring someone closer to God whether they are trying to get closer or not. This book has hundreds of ways to reconnect with our God, our Heavenly Father, the one in whom we have loved, and have forgotten.

The Bible tells us that as God’s chosen people, we are to be at the head and not the tail of our life situations. However, many of us are at the tail and not the head. Why is that? Lu Ann takes a look at the Scriptures to analyze the truth of our circumstances. If we want a different lifestyle, then we often need to look within our own lifestyle and heart, make changes, repent, forgive and begin using our words to help us form a new beginning, and therefore have our new lifestyle. The choice is ultimately ours as individuals. Lu Ann explains through Biblical truths what we can expect by following God’s ways verses our own ways.

It is clear we were created because God loves us and has a purpose for each of us. As we begin to love the one who first loved us, it is easier to make any change necessary because we desire that sacred relationship with our Creator. This relationship is real, and pure, and good. Our desires grow as we give ourselves back to the one who gave Himself for our eternal salvation. The spiritual gifts are just a bonus while we are here on earth together.

Reading our Bible is primary, even if it is only a paragraph a day. We reap the rewards as we meditate on the Scripture, or think about a Scripture passage during our day. It’s that simple. It really is that easy. We need to only take the first five minutes of our day to make time for God. If we choose to make that time longer because we are getting lost in His love for us, then that is when we can be assured the Holy Spirit is at work in us. It truly is a beautiful courtship.